June 9, 2022

Democracy in Action (DIA) Slate Endorsed by Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD) in Historic Local 2110 Election

Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD), the national reform caucus of the United Auto Workers (UAW), has injected new momentum to a hotly contested and closely followed executive board election in New York City: the UAWD steering committee has unanimously chosen to endorse the nine member Democracy in Action (DIA) Slate running in the current Local 2110 executive board election. The DIA slate is composed of rank-and-file leaders from five Local 2110 shops who have built a platform based on democratic unionism and grassroots activism. DIA’s platform follows momentum built during UAWD’s successful One Member, One Vote (1M1V) campaign for the direct election of UAW top officers, which was overwhelmingly supported in Local 2110, with 79% of the vote.


“This endorsement highlights how our slate of rank-and-file 2110 members will continue the groundbreaking work that UAWD is already doing on the national level, bringing the movement home to Local 2110 as we advocate for a stronger, more engaged, and more democratic UAW,” said Zachary Valdez, Columbia University Support Staff member running for 2110 President. He continued, “Democracy in Action 2110 is honored to receive this endorsement, and we are excited to continue building the democratic 2110 we need with support from rank-and-file leaders everywhere.”


The DIA 2110 platform is focused on reforming the Local into a stronger, more militant, more democratic rank-and-file amalgamated union. This new vision for 2110 centers on winning stronger contracts, fighting for racial and social justice, building a member-run union, continuing to grow the Local, and making it more democratic. This focus on rank-and-file organizing struck a chord with UAWD activists, many of whom are long-term UAW members from the auto sector, as it matched the caucus’ own ethos. The nine-member Democracy in Action 2110 slate garnered unanimous support from its Steering Committee in this first-of-its-kind endorsement for the caucus. 


“UAWD proudly endorses the entire DIA 2110 Slate. They’re the right choice for building worker power and democratizing Local 2110,” said Andrew Bergman, UAWD Steering Committee member and organizer at the Harvard Graduate Student Union-UAW Local 5118. He continued, “Unlike the 2110 United Slate, which was hand-picked by current 2110 leadership and who loudly opposed direct elections in last years’ referendum, DIA 2110 members led the campaign for 1M1V in 2110 and across Region 9A. They’re excellent organizers who can win strong contracts while pushing back against overreach from undemocratic UAW leadership.”


This endorsement comes at a critical time during the campaign, as members across Local 2110 received their official ballots by mail this week and have less than two weeks until the ballot receipt deadline of June 22nd. This election will determine the future of 2110 as a union, and this first-of-its-kind endorsement from UAWD underscores how UAW workers across the nation have their eyes focused on the Local 2110 executive board election, a growing wave in a renewed labor movement with bolder demands for workers everywhere.

DIA 2110 is a rank-and-file reform slate for leadership of UAW Local 2110 competing in the June 2022 election. Ballots are due by 10 am on June 22, 2022. For more information about the DIA slate, visit our website.        Twitter: @2110DIA        Instagram: @2110DIA



“Lee” Leandra Barrett Diaz (she/her)

DIA 2110 Slate Member

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