How to Vote

The Local 2110 Executive Board election will be conducted exclusively by mail-in ballot, and runs from May 27 to June 22. There are nine positions on the Executive Board:


  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary-Treasurer

  • Recording Secretary

  • Three (3) Trustees

  • Sergeant-at-Arms

  • Guide


If you do not receive a ballot and/or need a ballot sent to a different address, call 1-877-324-7655 by June 16 at 5 pm to receive a replacement and ensure that your vote is counted!

Ballots must be received by 10 am on June 22nd, so mail your ballot back ASAP.​

For Most Members

For members at most workplaces in Local 2110, the ballot will look like the one below.* Fill in the bubbles for DIA candidates, as shown, and be sure to vote the whole slate!


All edits are provided by the DIA Slate. If you would like to see sample ballots with no markings, click here. 

For Columbia Support Staff Members

For members in this unit, the ballot will include another election: Constitutional Convention Delegate. The UAW Convention happens every four years, and every Local sends a certain number of delegates to vote on constitutional amendments and resolutions. Since the One Member, One Vote referendum passed last year, this upcoming convention will be tremendously important in shaping the upcoming International Executive Board elections in the fall. Zachary Valdez and Claire Valdez are running for the two open delegate positions from Columbia University. You can read details on the kinds of resolutions Zach and Claire will be fighting for at the convention here.