A New Vision for 2110

We are a coalition of organizers from shops across Local 2110, ready to lead our union toward a new vision. Our slate has ground-level experience organizing with our coworkers and taking on management at the bargaining table, and knows how to strike to win. We believe real union democracy and strong union contracts go hand in hand: by empowering workers to make decisions with fairness, transparency, and accountability, we win better wages, comprehensive healthcare, pay equity, safer working conditions, and much more. Here’s our plan to build our Local 2110 into a stronger, more democratic union, run by and for workers like all of us.

Winning Stronger Contracts

Drawing on our own experience in bargaining and on strike, we’ll equip our fellow 2110 members to advocate for and win big on wages, healthcare, and much more—whether it’s their first contract, or their tenth:


  • Big ideas, big victories. Contract campaigns like NYU GSOC’s show that when workers organize effectively for bold demands, we can win things like 30% hourly raises, hundreds of thousands of dollars in new healthcare funding, new vacation and family leave, and more. 

  • Worker-led bargaining. We won’t tell you to settle for less. Workers should take the lead in bargaining over the issues that affect them. We will extensively train bargaining committees on effective strategy and tactics, and encourage the use of member surveys, town halls, and open bargaining sessions to win the contracts we want. 

  • The Resources We Need to Win. As our Executive Board, we will make sure that every elected representative on a Bargaining Committee has access to their complete membership list, something that current Local 2110 leadership has repeatedly refused to provide, harming and stalling the internal organizing necessary during contract battles and strikes. 

Fighting for Racial and Social Justice

Inspired by the UAW’s historic ties to social movements, we center racial and social equity in our leadership—because an injury to one is an injury to all! 


  • Social Justice Working Group. On day one, we will establish a social justice working group that will identify discriminatory labor practices across shops, offer solutions to these problems, and identify ways for our local to be active in broader economic and social justice struggles. 

  • Bargaining for the Common Good. We will encourage bargaining goals that protect us workers as community members and expand protected categories to include race, gender identity, visa status, and health status. For more details about bargaining for the common good, click here and here.

Building a Member-Run Union

For our DIA slate, democracy isn't a slogan–it’s a plan for action. Here’s how we’ll renew rank and file power in our union:


  • Train Organizers in Every 2110 Shop. We will provide trainings where every Local 2110 member can gain the skills to organize with their coworkers.

  • Build a Unified 2110. We will strengthen communication between our shops to make sure that showing up for each other at pickets, protests, and strikes becomes the norm. 

  • Clear Communication. Many of our fellow Local 2110 members don’t receive frequent and clear communication from the local. We will share regular updates on Local organizing, actions, and campaigns with all our 2110 members via email newsletters, blogs, and other channels.

Continuing to Grow Our Local

Our Local has organized many new shops in the last few years, with no signs of slowing down. DIA will continue this work to the fullest, while also empowering our existing rank and file:


  • Organize New Workplaces. We will maintain our Local’s current momentum in organizing workers in education, culture, and beyond. This work will aim not just at union recognition, but training organizers for the long haul—because organizing goes beyond the first contract!

  • Rank and File Organizing Committee. We will create a Rank and File Organizing Committee (RFOC) so our fellow Local 2110 members can build a stronger, more active union and participate in organizing new shops. 

  • Community Events. We will host in person and hybrid events like movie nights, mixers, socials and more, to build community within the Local and across all of our workplaces.

Making Our Local More Democratic

Unlike our opponents, members of our slate proudly campaigned in support of One Member, One Vote to give all UAW members a direct say in electing the highest leadership of our great union. We will bring these democratic principles to our local union:


  • Rebuild the Joint Council. We will revitalize the Joint Council (JC), ensuring it meets regularly so that delegates from each shop can debate and vote on measures before them. To foster transparency and member engagement, Joint Council meetings will be open to all our fellow Local 2110 members. 

  • Transparency and Debate in Elections. We will hold information sessions in advance of all upcoming elections, and encourage shops to hold meetings where members can speak with candidates. The key to a strong union is an informed membership.